Our very best qualities are not personal, but overpersonal.
"God" is not a "somebody", but free timeless limitlessness,
truth, joy, love and space as potential in all feeling beings.
This is based on more than 30 years buddhistic experience
and the german language website is www.zeitloseWerte.de


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 Relative and absolute:

   Liberation is never inside an awareness, it is awareness.

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 Sitting positions:

One cannot say, that limitless timeless space exists or not
or both and or neither, because it is free of these concepts
of existence and notexistence ~ but it can be experienced
as majestic open clear awareness space, it's overpersonal.

Because it is free of all limitations, we can't imagine it and
it's indestructible, because it's independent and don't need
something to be based on. We maybe can not imagine this,
but we can enjoy it.  And we can be it.  For the best for all.

 Ambition and attention:

 Rainbowlight meditation:

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                   But more timeless happiness
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